We are a company dedicated to the exportation of High Quality Organic products from the Andes, the Jungle, and the Coast of Peru. We believe in providing to the world the tremendous health benefits of a vast number of products grown and produced in our country. We are a health conscious company, which believes in quality rather than quantity and by working in direct contact with farmers, we provide our consumers a product that is 100% traceable with fair trade practices. We continue to expand the heritage of the Condori family.

Our Team

We have teams of engineers supervising the production in each of our cooperative regions of Peru, working directly with the farmers. We appoint three local community leaders that work as spokesmen/liaisons between the community and Agrofino. We do not work with middle-men. Our objective is to bring the product directly FROM THE FIELD TO YOUR TABLE. Moreover, our executive team is composed of all MBA graduates from universities in USA and Europe as well as professional working experience overseas. This international exposure helps us better understand the needs of our international clients and the importance of fulfilling the contracts and the orders. Notwithstanding, by being born and raised in Peru, we also understand how our country works, making our team very reliable locally and internationally.


Emilio Farah


Jorge Picasso



Arens Mestanza

Arens Mestanza

Jungle Community Leader
Cirilo Condori

Cirilo Condori

Andean Community Leader
Epifanio Lozano

Epifanio Lozano

Coastal Community Leader
About Team

We want to help our rural communities grow

The tipping point was the year 1988, when we met the Condori family from Ayacucho: a small, self sustainable farming family. They were unfortunate victims of terrorism and transferred to Lima for safety during a relief operation. In Lima, we gave them work and helped them through very hard times. It was the Condori family that made us understand the importance of the “Pacha Mama” (Mother Earth in Quechua language). They truly honored and respected their land and the products they produced. In 1997 when terrorism was abolished, we helped the Condoris return to Ayacucho and continue with their natural, organic, healthy farming lifestyle. AGROFINO was founded to continue the heritage of the Condori family and together with them, expand their love and respect for the "Pacha Mama" to the Coast, Andes, and Jungle regions of Peru.


Agrofino Exports

Agrofino currently exports to the most demanding and quality driven countries in the world.

From bulk to retail end consumer packs, Agrofino delivers to our client exactly what they need in the presentation they require.

Having control of the complete supply chain: raw material - process - packaging - exportation, we can develop and personalise each exportation according to our clients needs.

Agrofino Respect


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